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Overview of Services: Solutions Made Easy

At LPS Crane Services, we’re dedicated to being ready to go—whenever, wherever and no matter the scope of work.

We operate a growing fleet of meticulously maintained cranes and specialized rigging equipment.

If you need them, we offer them:

  • Fully operated cranes
  • Crane rental services
  • Pre-bid consultations
  • Project management—which we view as project leadership
  • Critical lift and job execution planning
  • Site visits and pre-job specific hazard assessments
  • Risk-based pre-lift inspections
  • Transportation solutions

Service Experience: Getting the Best Crane and Lifting Solutions—Every Time!

With decades of experience in the crane, rigging and hoisting industry, we’ve worked with clients large and small. Our service experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Oil Field Services (OFS) including hydraulic fracturing, wire-line, slick-line, coil tubing and snubbing
  • Plant and production equipment setup
  • Plant turnarounds and plant shutdowns
  • Mining equipment – dragline repairs and maintenance
  • Civil infrastructure

Project Leadership: Because We Do More than Project “Management”

Our crane and hoist experts are here to guide you through every step of the way through every project. Here is our systematic approach to how we lead, rather than simply manage, our projects:

  • Project consultation and review
  • Project analysis and engineering
  • Job cost analysis and budgeting
  • Onsite safety protocols and procedures
  • Engineered crane lift plans
  • Post-lift evaluation and satisfaction

Ask Us about the LPS Guarantee

The combined experience of our senior management team represents 60+ years in the crane, rigging and hoisting business (both field and leadership). We’re hands-on and invested in all phases of every project. Our commitment to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection is backed by:

  • A people-focused work culture and long-term relationships
  • Our dedication to regulatory and code compliance
  • In-depth apprenticeships and ongoing training
  • Certifications and memberships
  • Well-maintained, reliable equipment
  • Dependability, honesty, loyalty and fair play
  • Solutions that create added value and user benefits
  • A time-honoured policy to only be satisfied with our work once YOU are satisfied

Our cranes range from 40 tons to 300 tons - View Our Equipment

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